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Welcome to Connectus On Line......

A site aimed at providing an essential resource for the retrieval of building product information both general, and importantly technical, for specifiers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Our service is dedicated to:

  • Quality interactions with Specifiers via all mediums be they electronic or personal, the ability to work alongside a team with high end personal relationships at specifier level gained with excess of 20 years working alongside them.
  • The updating and flow of all information to specifiers from within the Building Product supply sector.
  • The introduction of new products.
  • The initiation of contact between manufacturer and specifier whenever called upon to do so.
  • The detailed supply of personalised product reports and an in-depth overview of the market.
  • The provision of leads and follow up action required, needed to assist the specifier and enhance the prospect of specification.
  • The wishes and confidentiality of the specifier will be respected at all times

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